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Monday 6 October 2014

Pink Salt anyone?

If you eat a clean diet and avoid processed foods, you may be taking in less salt than you need. It's a funny concept as we have been bombarded by marketing and health claims urging us to reduce our salt intake. But this is primarily because of the abundance of salt in convenience foods as well as the poor quality of this salt.  

This common table salt has typically be bleached white, processed and had lots of minerals and vitamins stripped from it. So in essence you are left with just the worst parts!

It is these minerals and vitamins that we need to function. They are responsible for the transfer of energy throughout the body as well as being key to the function of the nervous, lymphatic, muscular, digestive, excretory and many other systems in the body. 

You need salt to function but you need a good quality, healthy salt to function. I typically add Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt to my food (providing I haven't had any 'salt added' foods that day). I get it here in the health food shop in Paul Street shopping centre. But you can get it in most good health shops. It is €5 for a bag and I've had the same bag for over a year.

What makes this salt so special? Check out some articles I found here and here on the many benefits.

Basically it has been found to contain up to 84 vitamins and minerals found naturally in nature and needed for the function of the body. It can be ingested through food or even used in a bath to relieve tired and sore muscles. It is known as a 'full spectrum salt' and hasn't been bleached or stripped of any of its properties. It is in its raw state. The benefits are amazing and it also looks fancy at dinner parties!

Failing that try and get Organic, Irish Sea Salt as another alternative. Simplee do a fantastic range of naturally flavoured salts, they are Irish and care about nutrition. You can get them in most good supermarkets. They also have some fab recipes and suggestions on their page so check them out! Support Local people!

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